Frequently Asked Questions

With whom do you work?

We work with clients from all stages of financial life. Our ideal clients typically share our values: they desire to use their resources wisely as they seek to accomplish specific financial goals, they understand that having a plan for their resources will make them more content, and they have a strong urge to use their resources to make a more meaningful impact on their families, friends, and communities. We have particular experience serving retired individuals and couples with complex planning needs, women managing wealth, and high income professionals planning for financial independence.

Do you have minimum financial requirements for prospective clients?

We provide several different service offerings to prospective clients. Our most popular offering is our holistic wealth management service. To qualify for our wealth management service, which is inclusive of financial planning, performance reporting, and investment management services with individual security selection, clients typically invest at least $250,000 with us. We do work with clients who have less than $250,000 to invest, but those relationships are generally on a fixed-fee or subscription basis for financial planning or on a more-limited investment management-only basis where fees are assessed based upon assets under management.

Are you required to act in my best interest?

Yes, we fully embrace our responsibility to act in your best interest. We accept the fact that we are held to this higher standard in our client relationships that not all advisors must meet. In preparing our recommendations and implementing investment strategies, we seek to put our clients’ interests ahead of our own. 

How are you compensated for your services?

For wealth management clients with assets under management of $250,000 or more, we are generally compensated based upon a percentage of assets under management. This ongoing fee typically includes our ongoing financial planning, performance reporting, and investment management services. For clients who desire to engage us for our financial planning services only, or who may not meet certain portfolio thresholds, we offer subscription-based financial planning services starting at $210 per month. Alternatively, financial planning-only clients may compensate us on a fixed-fee basis generally starting at $2,500 for a standalone financial plan and rising from there based upon plan complexity. Limited investment management-only clients usually compensate us based upon a percentage of assets under management. In an effort to avoid potential conflicts of interest, we do not accept direct compensation from third-party investment sponsors or brokerage firms as a direct result of our investment activities on behalf of our clients.

Which qualifications, certifications and licenses do you have?

We believe in the importance of continuing education, mastery of industry-specific knowledge, and proper licensure. Our team is properly registered and licensed with investment adviser regulators. Such registration and licensure is NOT an endorsement nor an acknowledgement of the firm’s or our advisers’ capabilities by the regulatory bodies. Additionally, one of our team members holds a MBA and a CFA designation. Both of our team members hold the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation. One of our team members is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioner. We believe that our achievement and pursuit of higher education prepares us to serve you effectively.

Which services do you offer?

We offer wealth management, investment management, advisory, performance reporting, and financial planning services to our clients. We strongly encourage all of our clients, including our investment management-only clients, to complete a customized financial plan for the purpose of intentionally planning for the use of their resources.

What is your investment philosophy?

We believe that clients should invest in order to achieve specific financial goals, balancing these goals with their tolerance for risk or market value volatility. For this reason, our wealth management clients complete both a financial plan and a risk tolerance assessment periodically. Based upon the results of the financial plan and risk tolerance assessment, portfolios that have demonstrated historical return and volatility characteristics that align with individual goals and risk tolerance are implemented and continuously managed on a discretionary basis on behalf of our clients.

What would my financial plan include?

You will address many areas of your finances when we guide you through your financial plan, including: your financial goals, investments, estate planning techniques, risk management and insurance planning, education planning, philanthropic planning, cash flow and savings techniques, and retirement planning. We are also cognizant of our clients’ tax situations as we make recommendations and implement investment strategies. Each client is unique, so not every client will need advice in each one of these areas. For this reason, we attempt to meet the specific needs of the client with whom we are working when we develop their individual financial plan.