Are your concerned as to whether your investment approach strikes the right balance between protecting the assets you have accumulated while also enabling you to fulfill your longer-term dreams and plans for the use of those assets?

Engage in a coordinated, intentional approach to financial planning and investment management that properly prioritizes your goals, values, and dreams.

Wealth Management

Advanced financial planning and investment management for substantial resources presents unique, daunting challenges, particularly in the face of market uncertainty. Determining how to invest, use, and distribute your resources in a tax-efficient fashion can also be difficult; however, we believe you should not have to compromise on your values as you make these decisions.

Ultimately, we are here to serve as your guides, walking beside you so that you can live confidently and make a meaningful difference for your family and community as you manage the resources God has provided. It is also paramount that you consider your investment strategy and your tolerance for investment fluctuations as you seek to accomplish your plan goals.

Determine Your Tolerance for Investment Fluctuations

Investing in the stock market can feel a lot like driving down a curvy, bumpy, hilly highway. Some people are comfortable taking the investment market "highway” at a high rate of speed, others are more comfortable creeping along the highway slowly. We ask our clients:

  • Have you ever been concerned about your potential for investment losses or gains?
  • How deep will your market “potholes” be?
  • How fast are you willing to take the market “twists and turns”?

Asking these questions helps our clients determine their “speed” as they navigate the market highway. Take our risk questionnaire to determine how fast you want to drive down the investment market highway.

Our Three-Step Process

With our simple process, you will prioritize your financial goals so they align with your values, allowing you to experience less worry and greater contentment.

You will identify and quantify your financial goals during our consultations together.

You will benefit from specific investment recommendations based upon your plan, needs, and goals.

You will receive ongoing planning, investment management, and support so you are always informed.