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Average client relationship size of $1,020,000

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We help you

Develop your plan

We focus on your financial goals and how you can achieve them while also addressing your expectations and concerns.

Manage your money

We develop investment portfolios for you that balance your tolerance for risk with the returns required to meet your goals.

Navigate market cycles

We diligently monitor your plan and investments, educating and encouraging you as you encounter different financial circumstances.

What Makes Semita
Asset Management

Many people are overwhelmed about their finances and the complexities of the financial services industry. They do not know where to start or who to trust. At Semita Asset Management, we help people understand the financial markets, educating them about the different options available to them as they seek to develop and execute a thoughtful financial plan. With all of the complexity and uncertainty circulating around finances, we believe that it is also important for us to present client options in a clear, understandable, and trustworthy fashion.

We know how much financial information inundates investors on a daily basis. We have helped many individuals, retirement plans, companies, foundations, and endowment fund trustees clarify the goals and objectives they hope to achieve with their financial assets. We know when you can clarify your goals and dreams, determine your ability to contribute toward achievement of goals, understand the investment market’s risk and return potential, and put your financial assets to work, you feel more educated, confident and in control of your financial future.

At Semita Asset Management, our process is executed by a team of well-educated, experienced, and accredited financial service industry professionals. Our team has a healthy blend of both long-tenured investment professionals and up-and-coming financial planning talent. Our clients enjoy the combination of time-tested traditional financial advice with state-of-the-art technology applications as we serve their needs. Our three-step process has been developed to assist our clients in filtering through all the potential financial noise and distractions and leading them toward a well-rounded money management plan and investment approach. Many of our clients have dramatically increased their confidence and satisfaction with their investment portfolio’s potential to meet or exceed their planned goals.

As a result of completing our 3-step process, you will:

  • Clarify your financial plans and life dreams for your future. In the same process, you will define both your concerns and your expectations for your investment portfolio.
  • Have your investment assets managed in a way that is consistent with your values and your dreams. Your investment portfolio will reflect the proper balance between risk, or potential downside exposure, and potential returns over market cycles.
  • Have us as a navigator for your investment portfolio as market conditions ebb and flow and as your life circumstances evolve and change over time. We will help you create a reasonable, rational, and workable plan. If you are like most people, you are not drawn to complexity. Instead, you are drawn to clarity.

If you are a confused investor, you are likely an uninformed investor who likely lacks confidence and trust in the investment process. As we help you define your goals, dreams, concerns, and expectations, matching those with an investment portfolio that meets your needs, we will hep you bring clarity and purpose to your financial life. Contact us today to start the conversation regarding your financial desires. Why? You will only know more confidence and contentment in your financial plan if you complete our three-step process.

Plan and invest confidently with our 3-step process

Schedule an
initial conversation

Together we will assess your needs and discover your personal goals and objectives.

Present your

We will present a portfolio tailored to meet the goals outlined in your financial plan.

Implement and
manage your plan

We will implement your portfolio, providing ongoing management and support as you attain your goals.

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I am new to investment management and financial planning.
I have accumulated financial assets, but I should develop a plan for my financial future. I also need to outline long-term financial goals.
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